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Clarion President Confirmed as New Chairman of ANSI Z535 Committee

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 31st Jan 2012

As a customer or partner of Clarion Safety Systems, you know that, here at Clarion, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing standards-compliant safety signs and labels for organizations to protect their people and preserve their assets.

What you may not know: on a wider level, as part of our mission to reduce risk and protect people, we use our expertise to lead the way on a wide variety of standards committees to develop best practice solutions in the U.S. and around the globe.

On that note, we are pleased to announce that Clarion's president, Geoffrey Peckham, has been confirmed as the new chairman of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 committee, the primary U.S. standards-making committee for safety communication.

What's the significance of ANSI Z535? ANSI Z535 writes standards that govern the characteristics of visual safety markings that are used to warn about hazards and prevent accidents. These standards are often cited in U.S. court decisions as the state-of-the-art benchmark against which safety markings and their adequacy are judged. ANSI Z535-style communications – which can be identified by their use of the signal words "DANGER", "WARNING", "CAUTION", "NOTICE", or "SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS" – are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Product manufacturers and facility owners in a variety of industries use the ANSI Z535 standards in their efforts to assure a safer workplace and the safe use of their products to minimize both accidents and law suits.

Clarion has been a pivotal member of the ANSI Z535 committee since 1992, contributing to defining the safety label standards used by industries to improve safety and reduce accidents. Now, two decades later, we are honored to continue to play a major role in writing these standards and creating their illustrations – ultimately leading the way in creating a national, uniform system for hazard recognition.

For the full news, including comments from Mr. Peckham on his driving objectives in this new leadership role, please view our press release.

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