Making Strides to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems on 24th Mar 2016

Each year the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) holds its Educational Conference, the leading national conference in the U.S. devoted to drowning prevention. We commend our water safety partners at the NDPA for the work they do all year round in advocating safer water practices, including at this annual event.

This year’s conference takes place March 29 to April 1 in Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona.

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about ways to improve your organization’s water safety program. And, that includes effective pool safety sign systems. Signs are a critical element in keeping swimmers safe from harm and in helping to fulfill your legal duty to warn.

Where can you find our signs at the show? We’ll be donating a full “No Lifeguard on Duty” pool safety sign system (for unguarded pools) to the conference’s silent auction event. Proceeds from the event go toward providing scholarships for students studying in a field related to drowning prevention/water safety to attend next year’s conference.

If you’d like more information about the Clarion pool safety sign system or materials you see at the NDPA show, please browse our website’s pool safety resources or reach out to us! We look forward to working together to better protect swimmers and reduce your organization’s liability risk.

As the NDPA says, drowning is preventable – and united, we can prevent these tragedies from occurring!