New Arc Flash Symbol Is Important Step Forward for Safety

By Clarion Safety Systems | 30th Dec 2016

Many workers die each year as a result of arc flash explosion accidents – and most are killed because they failed to wear the proper PPE. Your adherence to the use of proper labeling on electrical equipment can help to protect people from the risk of arc flash explosions.

Until recently, however, there was not a single standardized graphic available for an arc flash explosion hazard. That changed this month, with ISO adopting a symbol meaning “To warn of an arc flash.” The new arc flash symbol has been registered in ISO 7010 Graphical symbols – Safety colours and safety signs – Registered safety signs.

Through Clarion’s leadership in ANSI and ISO, we’re pleased to have been a part of this change which will help to promote a global understanding of the potential for arc flash hazards – to better reduce risk and protect people.

To learn more about this update – and the latest standards and best practices related to arc flash and safety symbols – be sure to take a look at these online Clarion resources:

 ISO Compliant Labels

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