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Park and Recreation Month: 'Get Wild', But Stay Safe

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 1st Jul 2012

Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation's official Park and Recreation Month. And, in 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives officially mandated July as " Park and Recreation Month." To celebrate Park and Recreation Month 2012, this July, the National Recreation and Park Association is encouraging the community to embrace its theme to "Get Wild" about parks and recreation, and to visit local park or recreation facilities to enjoy the benefits these areas offer in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

No matter where in the country you're located, you'll be sure to find a number of park and recreation agencies recognizing this initiative with summer programs, events, contests, commemorations and celebrations. As you head to these areas for day trips or extended vacations, here's something important you should be sure to keep in mind as you experience the great outdoors: safety. This is especially true in terms of water. When it comes to ponds, lakes and rivers, the core safety messages from the Clarion pool safety sign system apply – and can help to keep people safe.

As a reminder in keeping you and your family safe near the water, here's a look at these key water safety messages, and why they are so important to be aware.

  • Watch Your Children: Why is constant, active observation of children so critical when near water? Drowning is responsible for more deaths than any other cause except for birth defects among children ages 1 to 4.
  • No Diving: Diving into shallow water can result in serious harm, including spine injuries.
  • Non-Swimmers Wear Life Jackets: Use of a life jacket considerably reduces the risk involved with lack of swimming ability and enables non-swimmers to enjoy the water along with skilled swimmers.
  • No Long Breath Holding: Shallow water blackout, a leading cause of swimming-related deaths, most often occurs because of a lack of knowledge of the dangers of breath-holding under water.

Watch Your Children Safety Sign No Diving Safety Sign Non-Swimmers Wear Life Jackets Safety Sign No Long Breath Holding Safety Sign

Water safety signs, like the ones shown above, can help to raise awareness of aquatic risks and communicate safety.

Heres to a successful –   and safe – park and recreation month. And remember, when it comes to protecting people and reducing risk, Clarion is here for all of your safety sign needs. To learn more about water safety signs, visit the Clarion water safety sign resource page or contact us today.

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