Video: Reducing Risk with a Label or Sign Review

By Clarion Safety Systems | 20th Feb 2019

Clarion Safety Assessment

Safety Assessment: Reviewing Your Labels and Signs for an Effective Safety System
It’s not easy for every manufacturer or workplace to have effective and legally adequate warnings. In our new video, find out how a free Clarion Safety assessment can keep you up-to-date and in compliance.

What is a Safety Label or Sign Assessment?
Choosing the right message, color, symbols, and size on labels and signs is complex. An assessment is essentially a review or an audit of your labels or signs by Clarion Safety in order to get in compliance and up-to-date. Some of the common issues we find include: outdated designs; problems with symbols or lack of symbols; missing or incorrect hazard information; over warning – meaning consolidation opportunities.

An Assessment in Action
In the video, Clarion Safety assessment specialist Kevin Gordon discusses the opportunities he had working with clients all over the world and in a variety of industries to review and assess their labels and signs.

As one example, when an overseas manufacturer of augers and digging equipment wanted to be sure their on-product warnings met the ANSI standards for products that were being shipped to U.S. clients, they asked Clarion Safety for a label review. “We made recommendations for their designs to not only bring them up-to-date with the ANSI standards, but to harmonize them for compliance with ISO as well,” Kevin says.

Why Clarion Safety?
For over 25 years, we’ve helped organizations reduce risk and protect people. Our founder leads the visual safety standards committees in our field. Our customer service team is trained in how to practically apply those standards. And it shows in the quality of our products and services: none of our 15,000+ clients have had warnings-based allegations brought against them.

Why an assessment? The question is really why not try a label or sign assessment. It’s a free service we offer, no strings attached, and can have a major safety and potentially cost-saving effect. Request a free label or sign assessment today .