Alligator Signs and Protecting People in Public Places

By Clarion Safety Systems | 19th Jul 2016

Many public and private premises in the southeastern U.S. have problems with alligators. In Florida alone, 595 alligator bites on humans, 373 of which were unprovoked, have been documented, according to statistics from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; 22 of these bites resulted in human fatalities.

Safety signs are critical in warning people – whether it’s golfers, hotel guests, students, or grounds staff – of the presence of alligators. Posting signs with complete content is necessary to keep people safe from harm and to fulfill the property owner’s legal duty to warn.

However, most of today’s environmental safety signage consists of text-only word messages or formats that fail to use the latest best practice standards. Their outdated and overly simplistic style may not be enough to get people’s attention or to prevent premises liability exposure should an accident occur.

That’s where Clarion can help. We’ve developed a safety sign format that uses the latest warnings technology – the ANSI and ISO best practice standards – including an internationally-recognized safety symbol to warn about the presence of alligators.

Danger Alligators Sign

(Design copyright ©Clarion Safety Systems.)

From the recent viral video of the giant alligator on a Palmetto golf course to the tragedy that took a young boy’s life too soon at a Walt Disney resort, alligators are top of mind right now for many that are tasked with safety and risk management for public and private premises. Here at Clarion, we’ve seen an uptick in interest in our alligator warning signs and customizable environmental safety sign systems – from golf courses to universities.

While we often work hand in hand with organizations to create custom environmental signs, we’re also committed to making them readily available through our online safety sign catalog. On that note, our best practice ‘Alligators Present’ safety sign is now available in our online catalog for ease of ordering.

To learn more about our safety signs visit our online catalog or Learning Center – or contact us to discuss customized signs specific to your environment, including the presence of additional hazards. Keep in mind as well that we regularly collaborate with our customers to create best practice safety sign systems, designed to be repeatedly posted along a waterway or other problem area.