Best Practices for Symbols: New Clarion Article!

By Erin Earley | 20th May 2015

Looking for more information on how labels can be used to effectively convey safety messages for your products or electrical equipment?

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Then you won’t want to miss NEMA’s latest eiXtra e-newsletter. This month, our partners in safety at NEMA, the trade association for the electrical manufacturing industry, have featured an article from Clarion, “Effective Product Safety Labels: Your Guide to Symbols.

The article is a featured guest column from our CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, who also serves as chair of the ANSI Z535 Committee for Safety Signs and Colors and the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 145 – Graphical Symbols. He has also been selected as a member of the U.S. TAG to ISO/PC 283, an ISO committee writing a new standard, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, which will, when finished, define global best practices for workplace safety.

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You’ll learn about symbols – a key element in label design – and how, to be most effective and compliant with best practices, symbols should come from the most up-to-date standards or be drawn using the latest standards-based illustration techniques.

Be sure to head over to NEMA’s website to take a look at our article, as well as the rest of the newsletter, which is packed with manufacturer, regulatory and standardization news for electroindustry professionals.