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Clarion Launches Pool Safety Sign Product Line

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 13th Feb 2012

Clarion Safety Systems Pool Safety Sign SystemHere at Clarion Safety Systems, we are pleased to say that we are now protecting people and reducing risk at the pool with the launch of our new swimming pool safety sign product line. The Clarion pool safety sign system uses symbols, color, language and repetition to universally communicate the most serious water safety warnings like no other signage on the market today, better protecting guests from water-related accidents and shielding pool facilities from liability law suits.

To develop this new system, Clarion built upon its own safety communication expertise by teaming with the world-renown pool safety consulting firm, the Aquatic Safety Research Group, headed by Dr. Tom Griffiths. At the same time, Clarion applied best practice formatting as governed by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z535.2 Standard for Environmental and Facility Safety Signs as well as graphical symbols from ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The result is a safety sign system which effectively addresses issues with outdated and inadequate current signage, amplifying the most essential life/safety messages that are otherwise buried in a lengthy list of pool rules. Here is a snapshot of the key design features that set the Clarion pool safety sign system apart from existing signage:

  • All-new design highlights core safety messages – Clarion's signs have been designed from the ground up to clearly communicate the four critical pool safety messages: no diving, no long breath holding, watch your children, and non-swimmers wear life jackets. Using a combination of text and symbols, the sign system includes graphics which allow for immediate noticeability and communicate across language barriers, together with signs that have various levels of text which explain and inform viewers about the nature of the hazard and how to avoid the hazard.
  • Tried and true comprehension – Clarion's signs have undergone extensive comprehension testing to ensure messages are clearly understood. This not only aids in sign design, but establishes an important future baseline for providing key legal documentation for pool owners who implement the new system, should an accident occur.
  • Signage as a system – Clarion's signs are part of a system that inform and remind guests about primary swimming hazards, reiterating essential warnings through strategic placement and proper viewing distance at various critical points.

Please read our news release for more information on this new, innovative visual safety communication solution for aquatics facilities. For more information on the products, visit our pool safety sign system online catalog.

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