Clarion's New Facility Safety Sign Product Line

By Erin Earley | 22nd Jul 2013

We're pleased to announce: Clarion has launched a new and expanded product line of safety signs, tags and markings to help reduce risk and protect people at facilities and other worksites.

What sets our products apart from other signage on the market today? Safety signage in facilities has been largely ignored for decades, using outdated guidelines for workplace safety without regard to the newest international or national safety standards. In fact, the majority of safety signs in use in todays facilities lack the latest warnings technology incorporated into these modern safety sign standards. This signage also fails to meet the demands of increasingly global workforces with multiple language needs. In contrast, Clarions new line of OSHA, ANSI, and ISO standards-compliant, best practice products has the ability to better communicate safety through several key elements:

  • Graphical symbols communicate across language barriers
  • Color-coding and symbols bring added noticeability
  • Precise formatting corresponds with modern risk assessment methodologies
  • More substantial content satisfies todays legal requirements.

These features support OSHA's recent update of its safety sign and tag regulations to warnings best practices bringing safety-conscious organizations a complete line of new products to more effectively reduce risk and protect people.

Old and New Safety Signs

Clarion's product line includes five main categories of signage: Safety Equipment Location Signs; Fire Equipment Location Signs; Security/Company Policy Signs; Egress Pathmarking Signs and Markings; and Accident Prevention Signs, Labels and Tags. A full stock of standardized facility and construction safety signs are available for purchase directly from Clarion's online catalog. Signs can also be customized and are available in over 30 different languages and in various sizes and materials to meet environmental, language and regulatory sign requirements. Visit the online catalog or contact us today to learn more!