Lab Safety: Instant Updates for Your Hazard Messages and Procedures

By Erin Earley | 12th Aug 2012

Introducing the latest custom safety sign solution from Clarion: a safety sign system that provides flexibility to identify specific dangers and PPE requirements to better protect people and reduce risk in areas where hazardous materials are used, like lab environments. Placed on or next to lab doors, these quick-tailored signs keep lab employees and visitors informed, and provide critical data for emergency responders, in the event of an accident.

With the fluid nature of lab environments and the variety of messages that need to be conveyed, it can be a challenge for facilities to be clear, concise and compliant in their safety signage. This has led to signage that is haphazard, cluttered and unorganized, as shown below.

Lab Door Safety Sign

Until now. This new sign solution, which applies best practice standards for safety communication, allows messages to be fully customized and easily updated.

Best Practice Lab Door Sign

Learn more about the Clarion lab door safety sign system and how its features can help to better communicate safety and reduce risk in your lab environment. Interested in customizing a lab door safety sign to fit your requirements? Call us today at (800) 748-0241. You can also learn more about Clarion customization capabilities by visiting the Clarion Resource Center.