Quick Video: Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits

By Bethany Stadelmann | 28th Jul 2014

You may be aware of some of the videos in Clarion's comprehensive library of short, educational pieces designed to help promote a better understanding of best practices in product safety labels and workplace safety sign systems.

But, did you know that we also have videos available on pool safety?

In our 4-minute video, "Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits," you'll learn about the risks associated with drowning and how a best practice safety sign system can serve to more effectively communicate water hazards and risks.

Geoffrey Peckham, CEO of Clarion, and Dr. Tom Griffiths, an expert from the Aquatics Safety Research Group, explain common hazards and important warnings associated with aquatic environments, such as watch your children, non-swimmers wear life jackets, no diving, and no long breath holding. The video also provides information on the legal duty to warn for aquatic facilities and tips on how current warnings can be improved upon to be more effective and better understood by guests.

For more news, facts and tips on water safety and effective safety signs, be sure to visit the pool safety sign section of Clarions website today!