Pool and Water Safety

Aquatic activities are popular all times of the year. Whether it be for the avid lap swimmer, sunbather or recreational splasher, pool or open water safety rules ought to be clearly and frequently displayed throughout swimming facilities to ensure a good experience for all. Every swimming environment comes with its own set of challenges, which translate into unique policies for visitors. For instance, indoor racing pools are starkly different from outdoor bodies of water. Printed instructions help remind patrons of where they are and how they can keep safe in an ultra-stimulating atmosphere.

Safety signs are a critical part of keeping swimmers safe and fulfilling your legal duty to warn. But, most signs in use today are inadequate. Text-only messages and long rule lists bury important information. To be an effective layer of protection, signs must be seen and understood.Clarion Safety Systems offers a variety of best practice pool, water and environmental safety signage to help promote safety and reduce risk – whether it’s at your pool, beach or waterpark. Products such as colorful policy placards, wildlife advisories, danger and information labels and signs are readily available for your convenience and articulate water safety in a clear, eye-catching style. Clarion Safety also provides customization services should you desire a sign or label that is one of a kind; that includes bi-lingual and multi-lingual signage to warn guests in other languages, like Spanish or French, or full safety sign systems that take into account all areas of your facility or environment. You can rest easy knowing that our signs have proven effectiveness; our pool safety signs have been ‘put to the test’ – undergoing extensive comprehension testing designed by independent experts and administered by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) – confirming that key symbols and signs are quickly recognized and clearly understood by viewers. It’s easy for guests to dream up a day by the water as something carefree and relaxing; you’ll be glad you went the extra mile to remind them to be alert and cautious while they enjoy.

Browse a snapshot of products for the pool and aquatics industry, below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? With our depth of experience working with clients, we have a variety of additional products available, including full systems of labels and signs. Reach out to us so that we can help with your specific needs – or create your own custom label, sign and tag online in three simple steps! You can also learn more about water safety sign information and liability through our online Safety Resources.