Safety Decisions Magazine Features Insight from Clarion on Machine Safety Labeling

By Bethany Savage | 13th Aug 2015

Machine Safety Label

Looking for more ways to stay up-to-date on the latest key safety and compliance issues? BLR's new Safety Decisions Magazine provides safety decision makers with a fresh look at strategic issues in today’s ever-changing business arena.

Not to be missed: the Summer/Fall issue features a guest column from Clarion’s CEO, Geoffrey Peckham. The article, “Machine Safety Labeling in the 21st Century: A Matter of Risk Assessment, Liability, and Compliance,” discusses the importance of machinery safety labels, and the tools that organizations need to keep workers as safe as possible. These tools include the ANSI Z535.4 and ISO 3864-2 standards, risk assessment and global warnings that use symbols.

To learn more about the latest developments in product safety labeling, visit Clarion’s Learning Center or watch our short video on “Effective Safety Symbols, Signs and Labels.”

Safety Decisions Magazine, August Cover