Up-to-Date Labels and Signs for Your Industry

By Clarion Safety Systems | 3rd Nov 2017

Here at Clarion, we work extensively with industry associations to educate their members about the latest standards and best practices related to product safety labels and workplace safety signs. By dedicating time to actively lead entire industries to adopt best practices in this field, we're helping to save lives and keep companies in business. There's no greater reward than that!

Here’s a prime example of the type of work we do:

This week, we’re joining our longtime safety partner, the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), at their annual Equipment Manufacturers Conference. Our Director of Facility Safety Products and Intermediary Relationships, Derek Eversdyke, has been asked to present on “Managing Residual Risks on Your Equipment and in Your Facility,” alongside a handful of other industry experts.

“Effective safety labels and signs are critical in the feed industry, where there’s frequent interaction between people and machinery. As industry partners, Clarion and AFIA have a common goal: to help increase safety and reduce liability risk. It’s why we helped to create the AFIA/Clarion safety label program,” Derek says.

In 2008, AFIA turned to Clarion’s expertise to overhaul its  safety label program, giving their members access to a catalog of state-of-the-art labels designed specifically for their feed and grain equipment needs. Clarion’s workplace safety sign system product line is also offered to AFIA members, as well as 5 pack labels for facilities looking to retrofit older equipment with up-to-date labels.

Outdated Lockout/Tagout Safety Label  Updated Lockout/Tagout Safety Label

An old-style AFIA label (at left) and Clarion’s updated, best practice version (at right)

How can we better serve your industry or your customer’s needs with cutting-edge safety labels and signs – or with resources on today’s best practices? Contact us or fill out our short partner survey. We look forward to advancing safety together!