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Eye-Catching, Standards-Compliant Safety Signs at Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 7th Jun 2019

The Need for Waterpark Safety Signs that Communicate Effectively
Every swimming environment – from indoor racing pools to community recreational facilities to outdoor bodies of water – comes with its own set of challenges, which translate into unique policies for visitors. Safety signs are a critical part of keeping swimmers safe and fulfilling legal duty to warn requirements. But, many pool safety signs in use today are inadequate. Text-only messages and long rule lists bury important information. To be an effective layer of protection, signs have to be seen by guests and understood.

Safety and Instructional Messages to Stand Out
For any waterpark around the world, the safety of guests is of high importance. For Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark – a 70,000 square foot facility of aquatics activities – the need for safety and instructional messages to stand out was a must. Their facility has an aviation theme, including the only Boeing 747 airplane in the world to be mounted on the top of a nine-story building. While having these safety and instructional messages stand out in order for their guests’ safety to continue being a top priority, they also wanted their signs to recognize the fun, educational ambiance that the park offers. In order to communicate these messages to visitors from all over the world, Evergreen Wings and Waves reached out to Clarion Safety to complete the task.

Clarion Safety’s Fix: Best Practice, Standards Compliant Instructional Messages
Clarion Safety and Evergreen assessed the safety signs and warnings in use and intended for use at their large facility. It was apparent that traditional ‘list of rules’ signs would not be highly effective in warning guests of safety issues. Using an innovative approach to water safety, incorporating design principles from American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z535 and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Clarion Safety was able to design a best practice sign system that communicated the park’s safety, hygiene and ride instructional messages. Clarion Safety's signs now allow park guests to enjoy their overall waterpark experience while protecting them from harm.


Clarion Safety Can Help at Your Pool or Aquatic Facility
For over 25 years, Clarion Safety has been at the top of the field of visual safety communication. Clarion Safety is a long-term leader of the best practice ANSI and ISO standards – and Clarion Safety will use that knowledge to help you warn as effectively as possible. With 15,000+ clients and nearly 100 million signs and labels in use, zero Clarion Safety customers have had warning-based allegations brought against them.

Clarion Safety offers a variety of best practice pool, water and environmental safety signage to help promote safety and reduce risk – whether it’s at your pool, beach or waterpark. Clarion Safety also provides customization services for signs and labels that are one of a kind; that include bi-lingual and multi-lingual signage to warn guests in other languages, like Spanish or French, or full safety sign systems that take into account all areas of your facility or environment. You can rest easy knowing that Clarion Safety signs have proven effectiveness; Clarion Safety's pool safety signs have been ‘put to the test’ – undergoing extensive comprehension testing designed by independent experts and administered by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) – confirming that key symbols and signs are quickly recognized and clearly understood by viewers.

See how Clarion Safety’s best practice, standards-compliant safety systems can help increase safety and reduce liability at your facility. Contact us today!

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