New CE Marking Consulting Services

By Clarion Safety Systems | 15th Mar 2021

For today’s manufacturers, there’s so much more to regulatory compliance than just placing a required label or marking on a product or piece of machinery. That’s definitely true when it comes to navigating CE marking compliance requirements.

Within European Union (EU) member states, or for trading in the European Economic Area (EEA) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries, most products are mandated to have a CE mark present. The CE mark is a requirement based on EU directives for products, and is a declaration by the manufacturer that its product complies with the relevant, legal European requirements.

Manufacturers are responsible for verifying that their products meet EU requirements for safety, health and the environment. For CE mark compliance – in addition to the CE mark label itself – you may have questions related to identifying applicable directives, verifying product-specific requirements, technical documentation needs, and completing your EU Declaration of Conformity.

We’re here to help! To meet your wider needs when it comes to product safety and compliance, we now offer comprehensive machinery safety solutions – including CE marking compliance services.

With our CE mark consulting services, we can help you to:

  • Determine which directives apply to your product
  • Meet applicable requirements
  • Create and maintain relevant technical documentation
  • Affix your product with a CE mark label
  • Complete your EU Declaration of Conformity

Learn more now about our CE mark compliance services – or reach out to us for help.