New Pool Safety Reference Guide Now Available – And Features Clarion!

By Bethany Stadelmann | 21st Jul 2014

It's summertime, the time of year when many of us could benefit by brushing up on our water safety knowledge. If you're a pool operator, pool manager, residential pool owner, swimming coach, or lifeguard, there's a new resource for practical water safety information that may be especially helpful to be aware of:

The Complete Swimming Pool Reference

Aquatic professionals Tom Griffiths and Rachel Griffiths recently published the third edition of their book, "The Complete Swimming Pool Reference". The book aims to educate on the newest swimming pool technologies and information in order to improve the safety and enjoyment of guests at aquatic facilities, and has now been updated with the latest news and trends on topics like the Americans with Disabilities Act, risk management, and water safety. Clarion Pool Safety Signs

You won't want to miss the chapter on "Rethinking Pool Signage," which has been authored by Clarion's CEO, Geoffrey Peckham. That section of the book explores the main purposes of pool safety sign systems and the characteristics of effective, best practice signage.

"Aquatic facilities face three major challenges: preventing accidents from occurring, protecting their facility from liability and meeting code regulations," Peckham says. "Using the ANSI standards, well-designed graphical symbols, clearly defining and communicating their content, and choosing the ideal placement locations are the keys to an effective pool safety sign system. Getting this information right can be the difference between life and death for a facility's patrons."

To learn more about pool safety and effective pool safety sign systems, be sure to visit the pool safety section of our website today!