Understanding Symbols: Electrostatic Discharge

By Bethany Stadelmann | 23rd Apr 2015

InCompliance April 2015

Symbols are one of the critical elements in creating effective product safety labels.

As you know from  our blog post a few months back, we have a new resource available for helping you to understand the symbols to use on your labels: our CEO, Geoffrey Peckham, is authoring a quarterly column in InCompliance Magazine focusing on the safety symbols used on product safety labels and how they’ve changed over time to become more universally recognizable.

You won’t want to miss the second article in the series: “Understanding Symbols: Static Electricity Hazards.”

The article is available in the April issue of InCompliance. It explores the standards, symbols and label formats involved in electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Stay tuned for the next articles in the series which will give insight on the symbols used in laser labeling and emergency stop labeling.