Electrostatic Discharge Labels


Clarion Safety’s electrostatic discharge (ESD) labels are used to make people aware that equipment could be damaged or destroyed by electrostatic discharge. An ESD situation occurs when an electrostatic charge rapidly transfers between two objects, which generally occurs when both objects come in contact with a potential difference in electrical charge. Other labels in this category are used when ESD protection points need to be clearly marked. Electrical components should only be handled in an ESD protected area where fields and voltages are kept at low levels. Anyone who handles power modules must wear proper attire at all times, which includes reminders for grounding wrist or ankle straps to dissipate static charges to the ground. For both national and international compliance purposes, the symbols used on our ESD labels conform exactly to IEC specifications.

Finding the electrostatic discharge label that meets your specific requirements is easy, as we offer symbol only, multi-symbol and text, and symbol and text formats, as well as indoor and outdoor options.  Browse the labels here in our catalog, or create your own to include any additional requirements you may have. 

Unsure about the right label for your needs? A Clarion Safety label assessment can help.

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