Best Practice Designs for Labels at Jarvis Products Corporation

By Clarion Safety Systems | 7th Jun 2019

The Need for Best Practice Labels on Today’s Equipment
In today’s manufacturing facilities, labels on equipment and signage within the workplace are a key component in communicating about hazards and mitigating risk. Yet, companies often struggle with keeping labels and signs up-to-date and consistent. Without effective warnings in place – ones that comply with OSHA/ANSI/ISO and effectively reinforce safe behavior – the lives of those who use your equipment could be at risk.

Safety Labels Quality and Durability
Jarvis Products Corporation, a meat processing machinery manufacturer, has a lot of dangerous tools in their facility that need to function properly, because just like any other industry, if they do not function properly, injuries start to arise. With that being said, a proper label is needed for each tool to prevent these injuries. Every tool that Jarvis uses daily is cleaned at night with a caustic solution. But, corrosion comes with these cleaning chemicals which is a major issue in terms of ensuring label durability and visibility. Jarvis chose Clarion Safety because of the material types offered, in order to keep the ink from deteriorating from the labels and also because of Clarion Safety's knowledge of the ANSI and ISO standards.

Clarion Safety’s Fix: Best Practice Designs and the Right Materials
In providing quality materials and label designs for Jarvis’ tool labels, Clarion Safety helped their company in their efforts to warn more effectively. Through Clarion Safety's knowledge of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Clarion Safety created best practice labels using the right materials for the environment at hand. Clarion Safety works hand in hand with customers, like Jarvis, to understand their warnings and safety challenges when finding solutions.


Clarion Safety Can Help Your Business
For over 25 years, Clarion Safety has been at the top of the field of visual safety communication. Clarion Safety is a long-term leader of the best practice ANSI and ISO standards – and Clarion Safety will use that knowledge to help you warn as effectively as possible. With 15,000+ clients and nearly 100 million signs and labels in use, zero Clarion Safety customers have had warning-based allegations brought against them.

Clarion Safety will work with you every step of the way – from planning, to implementation and beyond – to come up with customized, holistic risk management solutions that take the unique hazards of your industry or work environment into account.

Would you like to see how Clarion Safety’s best practice, standards-compliant safety systems can help increase safety and reduce liability at your facility? Reach out to us today to learn more!