Symbols are key to efficient and effective safety communication. Deciding on the right safety label format or symbol to communicate about residual risks on your product can be complex. The choice of which format and content options to use is determined by which best conveys your safety message to your intended audience. While there may be other considerations within your specific industry, the main consensus standards that define today’s best practices in the field of visual safety communication are the ANSI Z535 standards in the U.S., and the ISO 3864 standards internationally.

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Clarion’s symbol only safety labels in this section meet ANSI Z535.4 as well as ISO 3864-2. These symbol only label formats can help to communicate across language barriers, for international recognition without words or translated text. They’re also typically smaller in size than other label formats, which can be useful due to space restrictions on certain products.

Rest assured, you can trust in the expertise behind each of Clarion’s ISO symbol labels. We’re longstanding members and leaders of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 145, the committee in charge of international standards for safety signs, colors, and symbols. In fact, our founder is currently the chair of ISO/TC 145 – Graphical Symbols!

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