The starting point for formatting the content of product safety labels, safety signs and tags should be the primary American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards on this subject. These are the two leading organizations that create safety standards and best practice guidelines for companies to adhere to. In the U.S., this is the ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels.

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Clarion’s ANSI-ISO compliant labels ensure that machines and equipment manufactured for use internationally have warning symbols that can be easily understood even though the language the label is written in may be different. Likewise our ANSI-ISO safety signs assure that safety messages are complete and readily understood by their audience.

With Clarion’s 30 years of standards leadership, you can rest assured in the quality and accuracy of our safety labels. In fact, our founder is chairman of the ANSI Z535 Committee for Safety Signs and Colors.

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