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No Waste Label
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Clarion Safety Systems brings you high quality no waste safety labels (ITEM# WEEE-) which are produced on premium polyester material and are expertly designed to meet your regulatory labels needs. 

WEEE, or the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive from Europe, was put into action in 2003 with the aim to drastically reduce the amount of harmful waste that is dumped into landfills when old equipment wears out. A plan to collect, recycle, and recover this equipment has been implemented to reduce toxic waste and prevent the need for more of the same equipment with decreasing lifespans. Such equipment is now marked with a WEEE directive label to circumvent a toxic addition to the local landfill.

The WEEE directive label, a contrasting black X-ed out garbage can on a white background, indicates the need for proper disposal, in accordance with the WEEE directive. This keeps the damaging environmental impact lower, and encourages the producers of electrical and electronic equipment to be more environmentally responsible. Our labels are customizable and made with top-quality materials to prevent peeling and fading, and come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

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