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Safety, Liability and Your Warnings

Safety and liability go hand in hand with meeting current safety standards. These standards are continually changing – and it's important to consistently use the latest ones on your warnings. Otherwise, your product users, employees and your business may be at risk. With Clarion Safety’s expertise, we can review the labels on your products and the signs in your workplace to ensure they’re up-to-date, meeting today’s requirements.

How Your Labels and Signs May Be Inadequate

Many product manufacturers and facility managers aren’t using today’s best practices for their safety labels and signs – both in individual cases as well as consistently across product lines and markets or company divisions and locations. This can lead to safety and liability issues. During assessments, we frequently uncover issues related to:

  • Outdated label and sign designs and formats
  • Lack of symbols or standards-based symbols
  • Incorrect signal words related to the hazard
  • Missing complete hazard information
  • Overwarning and consolidation opportunities – leading to cost-savings

Why Choose a Clarion Safety Assessment?

By working with you to review your labels or signs, we can help you improve safety and reduce liability risk. During a personalized assessment – which we offer free of charge and with no strings attached – you’ll get a better understanding of today’s safety communication best practices and learn tangible ways to optimize your label or sign program. The result: more effective labels and signs and even the potential for cost-savings due to consolidating warnings.

Rest assured, you can trust in our proven effectiveness. With nearly 100 million Clarion Safety labels and signs in use, none of our customers have had “failure to warn” or “inadequate warnings” allegations brought against them.

Learn more about label assessment benefits in our quick guide

Our Label and Sign Assessment Process

How do we collaborate with you to complete your customized assessment? The process is easy, and can be done through email or a conference call – and in some cases, a site visit. Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule your assessment
  • Review your labels or signs and provide best practices
  • Discuss optimization opportunities – free of charge and with no obligation

Watch a 2-minute video with more details on our assessment process!

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