Identification Labels

In addition to safety labels, equipment manufacturers require a wide variety of other labels on their products to indicate the suitability of their equipment and its components for a range of identified purposes. OSHA’s 1926 standards require employers to follow labeling that’s been provided for the safe installation and use of equipment. It’s the manufacturer’s duty to provide this information – and that’s the function of Clarion’s identification labels and plates shown in this section of our website. Each type of label indicates a specific type of information that is critical to operating and maintaining equipment safely. These labels are important to communicate pressure limitations, flow rates, direction of flow, emergency stop buttons, voltage, weight, CE marks, the equipment’s manufacturer and specifications, specialized ratings, and various machine functions and controls.

Each of these types of identification labels share two things in common with your product’s warning labels:

  1. You need them to be correct in their design and
  2. They must last the intended life of your product.

Clarion’s design expertise and use of the highest quality 3M adhesives, base materials and overlaminates helps to ensure that both of these objectives are met.

While we carry the most common indication labels as standard items, know that you can order a custom legend on any of your identification labels – and custom sizes are always available. Another means of adding this information on your equipment is to incorporate an “identification” panel to any of your Clarion safety label designs. This form of customization makes installation of this information on your equipment easier and cleaner.