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The Risk of Sub-Par Materials
Whether your responsibility is for the safety labels on your products or the warning signs posted inside and outside your facility, the objective is the same: they must be durable enough to withstand their expected environment of use. Possible injuries and deaths – and your company’s liability exposure – depend on the materials used in the manufacture of your safety signs and labels.

From a product manufacturer’s perspective, when the wrong materials are used for your products’ safety labels, every time a single one of them peels off, fades or delaminates, people will be unnecessarily put at risk and your company’s product liability exposure increases. That’s when a single label fails. If product safety label durability is compromised for an entire product line, the safety and liability implications will be multiplied to the point where they could create a huge impact on your company.

From a facility safety perspective, if a safety sign deteriorates because of exposure to cleaning solvents, wash-down chemicals or, if installed outside, deteriorates from exposure to the elements, safety is compromised. That’s why using the right materials the first time around is the correct choice. Compromising safety (and having to purchase and install replacement signs) is costly.

The Difference Durability Makes
At Clarion Safety, we understand the importance of durability. Your safety signs, labels and markings are only as good as the materials used in their production. It’s not in your best interest as the product manufacturer to put all the thought, time and expense into developing a safe product which incorporates a well-designed system of safety labels, and then jeopardize safety by choosing wrong safety label materials. Likewise, it’s not in your best interest if you’re a facility owner who does everything right to use signs to properly identify your safety and security concerns, only to have the signs crack, haze over or deteriorate due to a poor material choice.

Clarion Safety: Your 3M Preferred Converter
Durability is why, for over 25 years, Clarion Safety has chosen 3M to be our vendor of choice for the vast majority of the adhesives, label base materials and overlaminates used in the production of our products. In fact, we are part of an elite group of 3M-designated Preferred Converters. Combining our two decade-long relationship with 3M with our own wide breadth of experience in satisfying the needs of thousands of customers in hundreds of industries gives Clarion Safety an unmatched level of safety sign and safety label materials expertise – all of which can be put to your service.

Material Options, To Name a Few
Clarion Safety uses exceptionally high quality materials in the production of both our standard and customized products. Each material has been specifically chosen for its unique, high performance characteristics. If you foresee that your products will be used in environments that will pose a material durability issue, we’ll work with you to find a solution. Some of the materials we use on a regular basis to meet specific customer requirements include:

  • Polyester (excellent chemical resistance and stability)
  • Aluminum in rigid, flexible and anodized form (each option has its distinct advantages)
  • Photoresist metal (incredibly long life in nearly all conditions)
  • Cast vinyl (exceptional conformability and stability)
  • Rigid and flexible polycarbonate (ideal when enhanced scratch resistance is needed)
  • Reflective materials (for catching the light – and people’s attention – in dark conditions)
  • Tamperproof and destructible label materials (when security is an issue)
  • Graffiti-resistant (applicable in public places prone to vandalism, like subway cars)
  • High and low temperature bonding adhesives (when temperature extremes are the norm)
  • Adhesives that bond to high and low energy surfaces, textured surfaces, and powder-coated surfaces (adhesive selection should never be overlooked – we can match your needs with the best choices available)

For more information on our full material capabilities, view our label materials or sign materials specification sheets.

Are you having difficulties determining a material option for your application? We’re here to help! We specialize in partnering on fast, easy and precise customization – for safety signs and labels that meet your needs and today’s best practices. Our customization specialists are ready to work together to develop your custom warnings. To get started, use our online custom quote request tool. You can also contact us at (877) 748-0244 or compliance@clarionsafety.com.

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