Electrical Hazard Labels

The vast majority of machinery manufactured today has potential electrical hazards. Electrocution, electric shock, burns, fire, arc flash explosion, and equipment damage related to improper grounding or electrostatic discharge are the consequences of interaction with electrical hazards. Clarion Safety’s labels in this category address these hazards and are essential to the safe use and maintenance of a tremendous amount of equipment in operation today.

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Succinct and Informative Safety Labels for Electrical Hazards

It’s important to recognize that your intended audience may vary from trained electricians and maintenance staff to untrained personnel. Tailoring your electrical safety labels to effectively communicate warnings so that everyone can better understand hazards will prevent accidents of this kind. Compared to hazards created by, for example, moving gears and rollers, electrical hazards are invisible and often go unnoticed unless properly marked. The electrical hazard warnings you place on your products make them visible.

Most of Clarion Safety’s electrical hazard safety labels use one or more graphical symbols to convey the label’s intended meaning. Hazardous voltage. Lockout/tagout power before servicing. Arc flash explosion hazard. Electrostatic discharge. Do not touch. All these messages are reinforced with graphical symbols that, once learned, can communicate their messages across language barriers.

The old days of placing “DANGER – HIGH VOLTAGE” labels on equipment are long over. These older electrical safety labels, at best, only identify the hazard; they don’t convey consequences of interaction and how to avoid the hazard, nor do they communicate more complex messages – like the fact that equipment has power supplied to it by two power supplies (the main power supply and a backup power supply).

Clarion Safety understands electrical safety labeling better than any other company in the world. Our labels are different in that they’re intended to communicate a more complete electrical hazard safety message, giving people the information they need to both understand the potential hazard and how to avoid it. This information is essential to both protecting your viewer from harm and protecting your company from product liability exposure due to inadequate warnings. These electrical labels are designed according to ANSI and ISO best practice standards, while also fulfilling OSHA electrical warning labeling requirements. 

Electrical safety labeling has many facets to it including identifying the hazard, identifying the right avoidance procedure for the situation you’re trying to address, as well as identifying proper grounding, emergency stop buttons, work clearances, and potential arc flash hazards related to servicing the equipment and its electrical panels. We’ve made it simple to find all of your equipment’s electrical safety labels by breaking the subject down into easily searchable categories, available in a variety of indoor/oudoor materials, sizes, and formats for our electrical caution, warning, danger, notice, and informational labels.