Health Hazard Labels

Safety labels that pertain to hazardous materials identify proper handling and storage procedures so harmful contact does not occur. Clarion’s labels in this category include labels for chemical-related hazards.

The standard labels shown here in our catalog have content that is general in nature, giving people an overall sense of what the hazard and avoidance procedures are. Most often, our customers use Clarion’s customization services to tailor hazardous material labels to communicate very specific information.

For two decades we’ve led ANSI’s U.S. technical advisory group to the international ISO committee responsible for standardizing safety symbols. We understand the importance of standardizing graphical symbols for safety messages. Hazardous material labels now have a shared, common language of symbols, namely, GHS (the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals). As such, we strongly encourage our customers to use the appropriate GHS symbol(s) on their product safety labels when potential chemically-related hazards are present. Although GHS is mandated by OSHA for chemical products and substances, your use of the GHS symbols on your equipment products will provide consistency of communication for those needing to be warned about the possible harmful effects that could result from adverse exposure to the hazardous materials being used in your equipment.

Alternatively, if you, as the equipment manufacturer, are not privy to the exact nature of the materials your customers will use in your equipment, general warnings may or may not suffice. As part of our facility safety sign and label section of our business, Clarion can work directly with your customers to tailor labels and signs that are more precise and applicable to the processes they put in place and the potential for dangers related to hazardous materials.

Subcategories of Health Hazard Labels