Cutting Hazard Labels

Clarion Safety’s cutting hazard safety labels are used when your machinery contains blades, knives, fans, rotary valves, cutters, augers, saws, or rotating screw drives that people could contact. It’s important to remind machinery users that when around cutting hazards they should always follow the manufacturer’s manual when operating, cleaning, or maintaining the equipment, as well as keeping all blades sharp, keeping guards in place, using lockout/tag-out procedures, and to not have any loose clothing or objects around the machine. 

We carry a wide variety of symbols (and orientation of symbols) so you can choose a label that shows the proper type of cutting part, cutting direction, and orientation of how someone could come in contact with it. With fast order turnaround, excellent service, and over 30 years of industry leadership, we’re your trusted safety compliance partner for cutting hazard labels and much more!