Slip, Trip and Fall Labels

Clarion Safety’s slip, trip, and fall labels help manufacturers of equipment to warn people of these hazards when and where they occur. This can include areas on machines that should not be used as steps, slippery surfaces that can result in an area where liquids are processed and fall hazards that exist if people attempt to climb, walk or stand on conveyors. Slips, trips, and falls are caused by friction, momentum, and gravity. Slips are caused by a loss of balance from too little friction between one’s feet and the surface they are working on, resulting in a loss of traction from workers moving too fast, not paying attention, or wearing the wrong personal protection equipment on their feet. Falls, while seemingly avoidable, still account for the most workplace fatalities than any other reason. These incidents can be minimized with proper equipment design such as making drip pans and drain offs available, raised/lipped edges, and a built in exhaust ventilation, accompanied by corresponding labels and signs to warn and advise the user.

Use our slip, trip, and fall labels to mark hazardous areas and dangerous actions near and on your equipment. Select from multi-symbol and text, symbol only, symbol and text, and wordless formatted labels, available in both indoor and outdoor formats.  If our labels are close but not exactly what you’re looking for, you can use our online design your own tool or contact our team of safety professionals to customize your own labels, signs, and tags.