Crush & Entanglement Labels

Machinery often has moving parts – whether it’s rollers, gears, belt drives, or conveyors – that create potential pinch point, entanglement, and crush hazards. Interaction with these hazards can be devastating: mangled fingers, broken bones, scalping, amputation, and crushed bodies. Crush and entanglement hazard safety labels help remind people to take proper precautions in the personal protective equipment (PPE) that they wear as well as in their procedures to avoid accidental injury. 

Because the orientation of moving parts and how someone could interact with them vary greatly, we offer a variety of symbols to choose from to best fit your potential hazard. At Clarion Safety, our high-quality crush and entanglement safety labels have been developed and tested to withstand abrasive chemical washdowns, water, heat, and strong ultraviolet light. Select from multi-symbol and text, symbol only, symbol and text, and wordless formatted labels, available in both indoor and outdoor formats.  If our labels are close but not exactly what you are looking for, you can use our online design your own tool or contact our team of safety professionals to customize your own labels, signs, and tags.