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Customization Services

Our team is standing by to make sure your custom safety labels, signs and tags meet your exact requirements. We specialize in partnering on fast, easy and precise customization. To get started, use one of the two online options below. You can also contact us at (877) 748-0244 or


Custom Product Designers

In 3 simple steps, create a custom safety label, sign, or tag to fit your specific requirements. Choose from an assortment of best practice ANSI/ISO designs, ISO and standardized symbols, and our top-selling material and size options. Get started by selecting a category below.

Types of Customization

Custom Formats and Content


Effectively communicate your exact message on a custom safety label or safety sign, tailored with code-compliant formatting and messaging.

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Custom Symbols and Illustrations


Your safety message may benefit from having Clarion Safety's experienced design staff create a custom safety symbol or illustrative graphic.

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Foreign Languages


Clarion Safety makes the translation of your safety messages an efficient task, as we routinely produce safety labels and signs in over 30 languages.

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Specialized Materials


Durability and longevity are important to every label, sign, tag and marking. Clarion Safety offers a full range of material options to choose from to best meet your requirements.

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Unique Sizes and Shapes


With complete in-house die cutting capabilities, Clarion Safety can provide safety labels, signs, tags and markings to fit your space restrictions.

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Military-grade Solutions


Clarion Safety is a trusted supplier to the top manufacturers of military equipment, innovatively conveying safety where clear communication is a necessity.

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URLs and QR Codes


Incorporating URL’s and QR codes into the design of your safety labels and signs offers a high-tech means of linking viewers to online instructions, bulletins and manuals.

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Nameplates and Dataplates


Clarion Safety can easily produce your custom nameplates and dataplates on a wide variety of materials, incorporating variable data where necessary.

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Site Specific Signage


Custom signs that convey precise information specific to a room, an area or an overall location are a Clarion Safety specialty. From waterparks to lab doors, Clarion Safety safety sign systems are protecting millions of people from harm around the world daily.

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Variable Data Safety Labels and Signs


In some situations, each individual safety label or sign needs to have unique, specific information inserted into one or more fields. Clarion Safety can create safety label and sign designs that incorporate your variable data into each label or sign produced.

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The ClarionAdvantage™

Communicating safety and instructional messages that protect people from harm often involves customization. At Clarion Safety , our experience and expertise in safety label, sign and tag design can help you to:

  • Precisely define potential hazards and how to avoid them
  • Visually convey exact instructional messages with descriptive text and graphics
  • Warn about multiple hazards on single safety signs and labels – to simplify inventory logistics and installation time
  • Communicate to non-English reading audiences through foreign languages
  • Convey unique or dynamic information with designs that allow for variable data to be inserted into specific fields (such as on nameplates, arc flash labels, specification labels, or signs for specific locations)
  • Solve durability issues by selecting the right specialized materials
  • Accommodate your preferred installation process providing your safety labels cut to size, in roll form (with or without perforations) or in custom assembled kits of labels

Keep in mind that we also offer a wide-range of non-safety printing solutions, addressing identification, branding, dataplates, serialization and more. Contact us to see how we can help your business.