Welcome CNA Customers!

As a CNA Allied Vendor, Clarion Safety Systems is proud to be able to help you prevent accidents with safer equipment and workplaces. Our approach to business, much like CNA's, is to always strive to reduce risk and protect people.

We design and produce product safety labels and facility safety signage – along with offering complementary solutions and services like safety and risk assessments – to identify hazards and mitigate risks. Learn more about our company and solutions below – and reach out to us at any time to talk about your specific needs.

Why Partner with Clarion Safety?
Risks are everywhere: at work, on products, and in public places. With precise communication, people can better understand potential danger – and stay safe. Clarion Safety’s standards-based expertise and holistic approach to risk reduction means that we’re your trusted partner in safety. We specialize in designing and manufacturing visual safety systems that are in line with today’s latest best practices, helping to prevent accidents and lessen liability exposure. We bring expert knowledge of standards, regulations, and codes – from OSHA, ANSI, and ISO to CE, WEEE, RoHS, and REACH – and have decades of leadership experience on the top national and international committees for safety markings. In our 30+ year history, our clients have had zero instances of inadequate warnings.

Our Safety Products and Solutions
Rely on our stock of fully customizable, best practice safety label and sign products – along with complementary solutions for machine safety.

  • Product Safety Labels: Labels play an integral role in safety and liability prevention. Our safety labels can help protect people, decrease the potential for costly lawsuits and prevent issues related to non-compliance with national and international standards.
  • Workplace Safety Signs, Tags and Markings: Effective communication is critical to maintaining a safe work environment and minimizing liability exposure. Our signage can help facility owners to better reduce risk and protect employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Machinery Safety/Risk Consulting: Clarion Safety Assessment is our machine safety and risk consulting practice. Through our team of experts, we provide comprehensive services including risk assessments, product safety consulting, machinery manual audits and design, safeguarding audits, CE/UKCA/UKNI marking compliance, and custom training.
  • Digital Safety/Management: ClarionAccess® is our product safety and management solution, using a smart label on your machine to give end users fast, digital access to critical resources. We work with clients to fully customize their platform to include safety resources and training, product manuals, servicing information, and much more.

CNA Member Benefits
We’re pleased to offer CNA policy holders the following exclusive benefits:

  • Free safety label and sign assessments: Don’t know the full scope of safety and warning issues to consider? We provide safety labeling and signage assessments to our CNA friends at no charge.
  • Discounted pricing: Customers who come to us through a CNA referral are eligible for a 10 percent discount on our products and services. Simply tell our team how you heard about us or mention code CNAPRO10.

Getting Started
Visit the links below to learn more about our products, services, and safety resources. Contact our team today to discuss your needs!


Watch our short video to see how the ANSI Z535 standards use colors and signal words to convey severity levels on safety signs and safety labels. 


ISO Symbols for Safety Signs and Labels
There's a science to how symbols communicate, and it can make a difference in crafting effective warnings. 


Safety sign designs have undergone significant change in recent years. View our timeline to see if your signs are in line with today’s best practices.