Custom-made Identification Tags in Aluminum, Metalphoto®, Brass and More!

Identification Tags

Versatile and an excellent tool to communicate a variety of information, identification tags from Clarion Safety Systems offer clear identification of equipment and machinery. Popular uses for identification tags include maintaining and keeping track of assets, keeping records of when equipment is inspected and repaired, as well as communicating potential safety issues. Used in nearly every industry from manufacturing, government and military, identification tags help identify an endless array of equipment from computers to machinery to piping.

We use only the finest materials when manufacturing identification tags to ensure weatherability, corrosion-resistance and long lasting use. Our tags are designed to perform to your needs and to adhere to nearly any application. In addition to our industry expertise in safety standards and compliance, we pride ourselves in providing world-class customer service at every turn. With our easy ordering process, quick lead times and fast delivery, clients trust our high quality products and our commitment to excellence. Plus, all of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Clarion Safety utilizes the most advanced process/print methods when creating our identification tags. Available options include screen printing, chemical etching, Metalphoto®, digital printing and industrial engraving. If you’re looking for something a bit more custom, we offer a variety of print and etch techniques to make your identification tags work to fit your exact requirements. Our identification tags can be purchased blank, engraved or printed based on your unique specifications.


Our wide variety of durable identification tag materials include the following:

  • Aluminum
    • From .003 to .125 thickness
    • White coated available in .020 and .032 thickness options
    • 1100 series standard
    • Mill finish or anodized (including various colors)
  • Stainless Steel
    • From .012 to .062 thickness
    • 304 standard and other alloys available by special order
    • Standard satin finish
  • Brass
    • From .020 to .062 thickness in yellow brass
    • 730 alloy
    • Standard satin finish
  • Lexan®/Polycarbonate
    • From .005 to .040 thickness
    • Gloss or velvet finishes; hardcoat finish available
  • Metalphoto®/Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum
    • From .003 to .125 thickness
  • Pressure Sensitive Label Stock
    • Vinyls, polyesters, papers, reflective materials, and many more

For the application of your identification tag, you can select either holes or slots as your preferred attachment method.

Clarion Safety manufactures identification tags to your specifications. If you need help designing a tag, our knowledgeable service team can assist you. Contact our team online via chat or the form on this page, or give us a call at (877) 748-0244. We look forward to working with you.

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