Laser Hazard Safety Labels: CDRH

Clarion’s laser labels in this category comply with CDRH, the FDA-accepted standard for on-product laser labels for U.S. markets. As developed by the CDRH, the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Subchapter J, Part 1040, Section 1040.10 Laser products governs the format and content of laser product safety labels. The content requirements for CDRH laser labels are based on the laser’s class, whether it is invisible/visible/invisible and visible, and whether or not the laser label appears on the product, on a non-interlocked protective housing or on a defeatably interlocked protective housing. The laser’s class determines if your label needs to show the maximum laser radiation output, pulse duration (when appropriate) and emitted wavelength(s). A separate label placed near the laser’s aperture may also be required.



Use the form below to customize your CDRH laser labels to meet your exact requirements. For your convenience, Clarion also offers kits of our labels – where we produce all the labels you need for a specific product or project to arrive as one complete kit – simplifying ordering and inventory management. Contact us to learn more!

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Visit Clarion's Learning Center page on laser labels to better understand the standards and for additional helpful resources.