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Durable Metalphoto® Nameplates for Permanent Product Identification

Metalphoto® Nameplates

Metalphoto® is photosensitive, anodized aluminum used to make high-resolution identification products built to last. Clarion Safety manufactures a variety of Metalphoto® nameplate options to meet the specific requirements of your business. These highly durable products are regularly used by the defense, government, aerospace, utility and industrial sectors – across various workplaces and equipment – for their ability to communicate key information in demanding environments.

Rest assured, if you’re in need of MIL-SPEC-130 nameplates, you can count on Clarion Safety to produce your MIL-STD parts to meet DoD requirements. Our clients trust us for our safety expertise and standards compliance. We manufacture our nameplates with top quality materials and processes to ensure that they perform to the highest standards. When it comes to our quality commitment and expertise, we’re ISO 9001:2015 certified and are involved at the leadership level on the ANSI and ISO committees for visual safety communication in our field.


Metalphoto®’s durability characteristics include:

  • Weather/UV Resistance: A 400 hour Weatherometer Test GG-P-455P, which is the estimated equivalent to 20 years of outdoor exposure, had no effect on Metalphoto®.
  • Abrasion Resistance: 7000 cycles on a Taber Abraser with a CS17 wheel, a total of 1000 gm. load, only resulted in a slight dulling of Metalphoto®’s surface; the image was not effected.
  • Temperature Resistance: When both Standard Metalphoto® (readable up to 500°F) and Image Intensified Metalphoto® (readable up to 800°F) were tested for a 24-hour oven exposure, they maintained heat resistance up to 1,000°F.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Exposure to 5% salt spray at 95°F for 700 hours had no effect on Metalphoto®.
  • Chemical Resistance: Metalphoto® was immersed in a full battery of chemicals at different temperatures for different lengths of time, all with little to no effect.

With competitive pricing, world class customer service and fast lead times, Clarion Safety is ready to meet and exceed your expectations. Reach out to our team and our experts will work together with you on your Metalphoto® nameplate project. Contact us online through chat or our form, or call us at (844) 829-1299.

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