OSHA’s New 2013 Sign Regulations Are Here
And They’re Ready for Immediate Implementation

With OSHA’s 2013 update to incorporate the new ANSI Z535-style signage into the nation’s safety standards, it’s time to update your safety signs and tags. Clarion Safety Systems specializes in bringing companies up-to-date with the latest warnings technology. Our new line of best practice, standards-compliant safety signs, tags and labels better communicate safety in today’s diverse and complex workplaces.

Clarion Safety Sign Features

  • The Most Effective Way To Communicate Safety: Clarion products are intelligently configured, leveraging international symbols and precise formatting so critical safety messages are communicated more effectively to employees, subcontractors, and visitors – no matter of their language capability.
  • Compliance With OSHA, ANSI and ISO Standards: With Clarion products, organizations are using the most up-to-date safety communication technology to help prevent accidents.
  • Trusted Expertise and Competence: Clarion’s CEO chairs the ANSI Z535 committee, leads the ANSI delegation for the U.S. at the international ISO level, and led the effort to update OSHA’s safety sign regulations.
  • A Proven Safety Record: Clarion has 20+ years in business, with over 46 million safety signs and labels designed and produced, and zero instances of a customer facing a liability claim for "failure to warn."

We're ready to help design and deliver the safety signs, labels, and tags needed to meet your exact requirements – and to make the process easy for you!