No Diving Signs

The safety message, “No Diving,” is one that people most often see at pools, in both word and symbol form. Yet year after year, numerous spinal injuries and deaths occur because people ignore this message. That’s why it’s necessary to both call attention to this message in the best ways possible, and purposefully document the risk reduction steps you’ve taken to adequately warn people of the dangers of diving into shallow water. These steps will help your company, your municipality or your organization to avoid accidents and defend lawsuits should an accident occur.

One of the common flaws inherent in the graphic representations for the “No Diving” message is that the symbols used almost invariably show a diver striking his or her head on the bottom of the pool. At first glance, this may look like a fine safety symbol: it correctly uses the ISO “prohibited action” red circle with slash and its graphic “shock” element conveys the consequence of interaction with the hazard (hurting one’s head and neck). But the problem with this symbol is that its message actually reads: “Don’t dive into the water and hit your head on the bottom.” The person seeing this sign who wants to dive into the water may easily misconstrue its intended message and think that diving is allowed and safe, as long as they perform a shallow dive rather than a deep dive. Dr. Tom Griffiths, the noted pool safety expert, has remarked that once a person’s feet leave the pool edge in a dive, it is nearly impossible to change the body’s trajectory. The vast majority of people don’t realize this and though they may be confident they’re not going to strike bottom when they dive into the water, the likelihood of such an event still exists – with tragic consequences.

The misinterpretation of commonly found “No Diving” symbols’ message is the reason ISO developed a symbol showing a person in midair over water, with the universal “do not” prohibition surround shape over top of it. Clarion’s “No Diving” signs use this symbol because we understand what makes it better; it conveys the intended message: “ALL dives are prohibited – no diving!”

Clarion’s pool safety sign system utilizes the “No Diving” message on symbol-based signs and also incorporates it into ANSI Z535-formatted signs, including multi-hazard signs that combine the most important water safety messages. Contact us for more information on these essential “No Diving” safety signs.

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