Multi-Message Signs

Almost every pool has special situations that need to be addressed by safety signage. That’s why Clarion’s water safety sign system can be tailored to use both standard and customized components. Yet, for your convenience, even our standard options offer more customized components so that ordering signs that combine messages is efficient.

To streamline the customization process, Clarion has created standardized multi-message designs for our most often requested “combination message” water safety signs. Each sign depicts two or more of the key aquatic safety messages, combining the essential water safety messages onto one sign. These messages include: No Diving, No Long Breath Holding, Watch Your Children, No Lifeguard on Duty and Non-Swimmers Wear Life Jackets. For No Lifeguard on Duty/Lifeguard on Duty signs, hours of supervision can be added to the sign.

Each multi-message sign can be ordered in either the ANSI Z535.2 DANGER safety sign format or the ANSI Z535.2 NOTICE safety sign format. Our ANSI Z535.2 DANGER signs add explanatory text next to each symbol so people can more fully understand the information; this means explaining “the why” behind the pool safety message – such as diving into shallow water can cause spine injuries or long breath holding can lead to drowning. Our ANSI Z535.2 NOTICE safety signs use our yellow-diamond formatted symbols with minimal text. Both versions are available in English or English/Spanish versions.

Multi-message signs are also available as aquatic safety desktop placards for use at sign-in desks or tables at poolside. These stand-up placards remind guests of the primary safety messages that need to be obeyed around water. Hotels with pools would be wise to also display a water safety desk placard in every guest room in order to communicate the importance of pool safety, and to help your company defend itself in a lawsuit should an accident occur because one of the key pool safety rules is disobeyed. Accidents happen and when they do, your pool’s supervision, or lack thereof, may come into question. Hence, the need to be purposeful in placing the primary water safety messages in multiple places: in the room, at the entrance to the pool, at poolside, on signs and on desk placards. Repetition in the area of aquatic safety benefits your guests and enhances your ability to claim adequate warnings were provided. This is how your Clarion water safety sign system not only helps to prevent accidents, it plays a key role in your liability prevention program.