Lifeguard Signs

Your duty to warn in an aquatic environment begins with the posting of “Lifeguard on Duty” or “No Lifeguard on Duty” signs. Many U.S. states require this message to be posted in a specific location and for it to consist of 4” or 6” high letters. We have those signs available for purchase so you can fulfill this state-mandated requirement. But this type of lifeguard safety sign requirement is out-of-date with the times; it can only be understood by those who can read English. Young children and non-English readers are left unwarned.

p>Clarion’s lifeguard signs use a “positive” or “negative” version of a lifeguard symbol we created to convey the “lifeguard on-duty” and “no lifeguard on duty” messages. The addition of one of these symbols to our lifeguard signs allows this critical safety message to be communicated across language barriers. Most often our lifeguard signs also convey times; this includes times when the pool area is open for use and, when appropriate, times when lifeguards are on duty. Our Customer Service Department will be pleased to assist you with the customization of your lifeguard signs to include this information.

The correct posting of lifeguard signs is an important facet of a Clarion water safety sign system. Typically our lifeguard signs are installed at all entrances to the pool. They’re also posted at the site of activity – at one or more locations in the pool area. Repetition of this message is key from both a safety and liability prevention perspective, since doing so gives you the ability to better say that all guests were informed of the supervisory services associated with your pool.