Watch Your Children Signs

The responsibility for a child’s safety in aquatic environments must remain with their parents or designated adults. Even if you have lifeguards employed at your pool, the fact is that lifeguards can’t see and pay attention to everything and everyone at all times. In nearly all water environments, children must be closely supervised by parents or other designated adults; your staff cannot be placed in the role as their primary guardian. This is why Clarion’s “Watch Your Children” signs are an essential part of your water safety sign system, whether or not lifeguards are employed at your location.

We’ve developed three versions of this safety sign message: for general use, for aquatic environments and for in the water. Your safety sign system should be specified so as to use each symbol correctly, depending on where the sign is to be posted.

For example, in a hotel with a pool or spa, the “general use” sign should be used in fully clothed areas. When guests enter the actual pool grounds, they see the version of the “Watch Your Children” sign for use in aquatic environments. And when guests reach the water’s edge of the pool, they see the “Watch Your Children” sign meant to remind adults of their supervisory responsibility for their children when they are in the water.

Notice that the sign’s symbol shows the adult holding the hands of their children. The message emphasizes the need to stay close to your children – within arm’s reach or closer. It takes literally seconds for a child to drown. And, drowning is a silent killer; typically people just slip under the water without commotion or waving of hands. A parent with their eyes shut enjoying the sun, or reading a book at poolside, is NOT doing the necessary job. Our symbols act as reminders that close supervision is needed for safety.