URLs and QR Codes

A Means to Provide More Complete Safety Information
Conveying complete safety information to those who transport, install, use, maintain, decommission and dispose of your products can be a real challenge. Too much information presented on the product risks information “overload” on the part of the viewer, making them turn away and ignore your on-product warnings. Too little information conveyed on your product might risk accidents and lawsuits for “failure to warn” or “inadequate warnings.” Incorporating QR (Quick Response) codes and/or URLs to specific pages on your website is one way to keep the word messages presented on your products’ safety labels “concise and readily understood” (as the ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels calls for in section 6.5). These techniques serve to point people to items on your website such as videos, operator instruction PDFs, additional safety information pages or your service department’s contact information.

QR codes work when a correctly formatted code is printed on your safety signs or safety labels and viewers have QR code readers on their smart phone or tablet, along with Internet access.

Alternatively, printing the specific URL address for the page on your website that contains the referred to information functions in the same way – though it also takes a smart device or computer and internet access to complete the task.

Solutions to Simplify
Clarion Safety excels at this type of customization. Our graphic design and printing expertise can easily incorporate your URLs and/or high-quality, error-free QR codes into your safety labels and safety signs. This strategy of linking viewers to additional sources of information works very well with Clarion Safety "read manual” labels, as shown above.

We specialize in partnering on fast, easy and precise customization – for safety signs and labels that meet your needs and today’s best practices. Our customization specialists are ready to work together to develop your custom warnings. To get started, use our online custom quote request tool. You can also contact us at (877) 748-0244 or compliance@clarionsafety.com to begin using this technology to better reduce risk and protect people.