Personal Safety and Information Labels

Using safety labels to convey critical personal safety information can play an important role in helping people to avoid injury during the installation, operation, service and disposal of your products. This category of safety labels focuses on communicating precautions that enable people to better avoid potential hazards.

Clarion offers a wide selection of safety labels that use internationally standardized symbols to indicate proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other instructional information for those who interact with your products during every phase of their lifespan. This includes safety instruction labels, refer to manual labels, lifting/weight hazard labels, PPE labels, and slip/trip/fall labels.

Explaining how to avoid hazards is often just as important as describing the nature of the hazard and the consequence of human interaction with the hazard. By placing both hazard description and hazard avoidance messages on your product, you’re essentially giving people the knowledge they need to understand potential hazards and the steps they must take to avoid possible injury, death or equipment damage. Providing this comprehensive information should help people to avoid confusion and frustration, and help motivate their compliance with your safety labels’ messages.

Using well-constructed safety warnings to change people’s behavior is not fool-proof; people may still act in ways that will cause them injury. But using product safety labels to properly define hazards and how to avoid them should help people to avoid accidents – and it should help to prove the adequacy of your warnings in court should an accident occur and lawsuits arise.

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