Conveyors, while very helpful for productivity, can be dangerous for employees and contractors that need to work around or service these powerful machines. The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association, or CEMA, was founded in 1933 to provide information to the conveyor industry, and it continues on today with further information sharing and conveyor safety in mind. CEMA has developed its own safety label program to help OEM’s warn about standard safety issues associated with the operation and maintenance of conveyor equipment.

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Conveyor safety labels that are CEMA compliant should be found on conveyor equipment. Clarion Safety carries a variety of CEMA safety labels to keep people safe and aware when working with conveyors. Our labels are made to match the CEMA/ANSI guidelines, and may help prevent costly and dangerous accidents in the conveyor industry. To ensure that OEM’s have the warnings they need for the market at hand, we also offer label designs for the conveyor industry that meet ISO guidelines, ideal for international compliance.

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