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Deaths and Million-Dollar Judgments
Every day statistics indicate that 10 people die from unintentional drowning. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of accidental death in the United States. This data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that, year after year, water presents a very serious potential hazard. When accidents happen, they cause a huge impact on victims, their families, and communities. But, pool owners in these situations also suffer. If you’re a pool owner, you too will feel terrible if a drowning occurs in your pool – but the result of such a tragic event may also find you defending a multi-million dollar liability lawsuit and facing dramatic increases in your insurance premium.

Old Pool Safety Signs
Just as with any substantial risk found in a factory or workplace setting, if your property has a pool, life-threatening hazards and unsafe behavior must be communicated on signs to help protect your guests from harm. Yet the vast majority of pool safety signs in use today do not effectively communicate safety. The reason for this is that pool owners only install the signs mandated by state regulations and municipal codes. The “list of rules” signs often specified by codes are usually ignored. In this day and age, people just do not read text-heavy rule signs unless there is a motivation to do so. Such motivation does not exist in aquatic environments where people go to enjoy the water and relax or to competitively swim. Precisely because of this lack of awareness, pool safety signs cannot afford to blend into the background of all the other text messages that the typical person ignores on a daily basis. That was the starting point for Clarion’s pool safety sign system.


Example of a typical old-style “list of rules” pool safety sign.


New Pool Safety Signs
There are two questions aquatic facility owners and hospitality industry risk managers need to ask:

  1. Do the pool safety signs posted at my facility measure up to the latest best practices to communicate safety?
  2. Will my signs help to defend my organization in court should an accident occur?
Clarion’s pool safety sign systems are installed in hundreds of pool venues throughout the U.S. and they’re changing the safety landscape in pool environments. These colorful signs use eye-catching graphical symbols designed in accordance with ISO (international) standards-based drawing principles to stand out and grab people’s attention. Text is used in both long and short forms to communicate and reinforce the most important pool safety messages, which, if not obeyed, could result in catastrophic injury or death. Repetition in various formats makes sure pool users have a chance to see the most important pool safety messages.

While it’s important to be in compliance with state and local building code sign regulations, when it comes to effective safety communication, it’s necessary to go beyond this minimum requirement.

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