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Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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Clarion Safety Systems, LLC, is a registered ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer. Our compliance certification is registered (and continually updated) through the services of BSI Management Systems America, Inc. (certificate number: FM 538081). Clarion Safety's on-going quality program meets the compliance requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for process-based quality management systems.

The ISO 9001 quality management systems designation covers Clarion Safety's design, manufacture and distribution of visual safety system solutions (including but not limited to safety labels, nameplates, signs and markings) for national and global markets. The registration is confirmation of our longstanding commitment to continually improving our quality management systems to ensure customer satisfaction.

What ISO 9001 registration means in practical terms is that you, our customers, can trust that when you’re working with Clarion Safety, you’re working with a top notch organization that’s committed to making sure its customers are pleased with its products and services. Our key performance indicators routinely show incredibly high rates of customer satisfaction with the quality of our products, services and delivery. We take great pride in this fact; that we serve our customers very, very well.

Clarion Safety's ISO 9001 certification also helps when seeking ISO 9001 certification for your product when you’re incorporating our products into your products. The degree of paperwork needed to justify using Clarion Safety as your vendor of choice is easy to provide – our ISO 9001 certification, and possibly RoHS and WEEE regulatory compliance certificates, are all that are necessary.

On a side note, Clarion Safety knows BSI (the British Standards Institute) well. We’ve worked closely with them for decades; they’re the secretariat of the ISO committee, ISO/TC 145, that Clarion Safety is part of and has lead in the past. We’ve been to their world headquarters in London on numerous occasions to advance standards related to the field of safety signs, labels, colors and graphical symbols. BSI has an interesting history going back more than a century. On their website, you can read more about BSI Group and a detailed history of the organization, including the effort by civil engineers to standardize iron and steel sections that began in 1901 under Sir John Wolfe-Barry of the United Kingdom.

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  • "Clarion Safety has provided our safety labels for more than 20 years, meeting our unique design requirements as well as ANSI and ISO standards. In the process, they've helped us improve our product quality by keeping us informed about safety requirements and regulations. Confidence in a supplier is priceless; we have confidence in Clarion Safety."

    Kim Scott Belvac Production Machinery
  • "We received our custom labels yesterday, a little sooner than we expected, and they look great. We were having problems finding anyone to do quality labels in small quantities for us, and I am glad I found Clarion Safety on the web. Your work is excellent, and so is your service; your minimum order quantities are unmatched and the quality of your labels is far superior to anything we have been offered by anyone else."

    Stephan H. Despointes Quality Environmental Professional Associates
  • "The quality of the final product is of the highest standard. And turn-around times from concept to production are nothing short of amazing. We are fortunate to have Clarion Safety as a partner in our safety labeling projects."

    James Moir OMAX Corp

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