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Our Acquisition of Machine Safety Specialists – What it Means for You!

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 13th Jun 2022

We have exciting news to share here at Clarion Safety, as we continue to grow our business with quality offerings in line with your needs: we’ve recently acquired Machine Safety Specialists, bringing them into the Clarion Safety Systems family as a subsidiary. Machine Safety Specialists is a leading machine safety and compliance consulting practice, made up of certified safety engineers who help businesses improve workplace safety and become compliant with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards. With this partnership, we’ll be adding to our risk compliance and assessment offerings, bringing additional consulting and machine safety training services to our clients.

“Together with the Machine Safety Specialists team, we’re very pleased to share this exciting news with our collective customers and partners in safety,” says our CEO, Ron Crawford. “By bringing the expertise of Machine Safety Specialists’ highly trained and certified safety engineers into the Clarion Safety family, we know we can bring greater value to our customers in the shared goals of increasing safety and reducing risk.”

Our Journey to Offering Comprehensive Machine Safety and Risk Services
Our longstanding, 30 year history of collaborating with customers to implement best practices in relation to a broad range of product safety standards to maximize safety and reduce risk has enabled us to expand our product and service portfolio beyond labels, signs, and markings. Recently in the forms of a digital product and safety management solution, ClarionAccess®, a platform that helps manage product safety, customer resources, and training information, as well as comprehensive machinery safety and risk consulting services for manufacturers. These latter efforts were driven by our same commitment to excellence, punctuated by a track record of working with over 15,000 companies without a single one of our customers ever facing warnings-based allegations.

“This move to make Machine Safety Specialists a subsidiary of Clarion Safety takes our risk assessment and compliance consulting services to a new level. Clarion Safety now offers machine risk assessment and compliance consulting services for complex machinery and high-risk applications. We’re proud to offer this world-class service for our OEM and environmental, health, and safety customer base,” Ron says. “The caliber of the Machine Safety Specialists team is top-notch and we couldn’t have found a more like-minded partner for Clarion Safety in terms of commitment to standards adherence, best practices, and quality service. Our team looks forward to the next steps in our partnership, and sharing more with our customers on the extended services that we can now offer.”

Engineer-Lead Safety Services
Specializing in complex and high-risk machinery, Machine Safety Specialists’ certified safety engineers help its clients understand and comply with safety regulations, including OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, RIA, and EN/ISO requirements. Their safety engineers are experts in robotics and automated machinery, fluid power safety systems, and functional safety (control reliable) systems— directly coinciding with the industry trends we are seeing with robotics and COBOT safety in both the development and in use stages. For example, they can help assist before a robot’s installation process begins, examining design drawings that include electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic, as well as Bills of Material according to safety standards. As an added bonus, this new team of safety engineers provides both on-site and remote services for machine safeguarding, risk assessment, safety training, SISTEMA, functional safety analysis, and risk assessment software.

“In this complex world of machinery, technology, and safety compliance, Machine Safety Specialists provides clear answers. As part of the Clarion Safety team, we are now able to offer our clients solutions that make an immediate improvement to safety. As part of a program to eliminate and control machine risks, improving visual hazard awareness provides our clients with the immediate positive impact they’ve been looking for,” says Ken Hackworth, VP of Safety Assessment at Clarion Safety and Machine Safety Specialists. “We provide unbiased recommendations and enable our clients to make safety improvements within days of contacting us.”

Machine Safety Specialists’ Workplace Safety Expertise
Since 1977, Machine Safety Specialists has helped businesses improve industrial workplace safety and become compliant with OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, and ISO/EN machine safety standards. The company specializes in the areas of machine guarding, risk assessment programs, safety interlock and safety control systems, plant risk management, and safety training – empowering its clients with the knowledge needed to become compliant and improve safety. Machine Safety Specialists’ certified engineers are experienced in machine safety and regulatory compliance and are experts in robotics and automated machinery, fluid power safety systems, and functional safety (control reliable) systems. To learn more about Machine Safety Specialists and its machine safety and compliance consulting practice, visit www.machinesafetyspecialists.com.

What This Acquisition Means for Our Customers
As we continue to bring the offerings of both organizations together, we’ll keep you updated with the many ways we can deliver enhanced benefits to your organization. As always, our goal is providing best practice options to keep workers safe and reduce your liability risk. If you have any questions about our safety products or services, reach out to our customer service team!

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