Water Safety Sign Information

Water presents a very real hazard and risk to people who are unaware. Effectively communicating aquatic safety hazards through the right safety signage allows swimmers to take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their families safe. They also play a role in reducing liability risks for facility owners. Learn more about water safety signs below.


Swimming Pool Safety Signs
Clarion’s system of pool safety signs uses symbols, color, language and repetition to effectively communicate the most serious water safety hazards like no other signage on the market today.

Beach Safety Signs
Clarion’s beach signs use the latest ANSI Z535 safety sign formats and ISO formatted graphical symbols to visually inform beach-goers about the most serious water safety hazards.

Waterpark Safety Signs
Clarion has extensive experience in developing safety signs for waterparks. Each of these sign systems is custom-tailored to meet the exact needs of each site or type of park.