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Beach Safety Signs

A New Era in Beach Safety Signs

When it comes to beach safety, posting the proper signage is crucial to keeping swimmers safe from harm. Shark sightings, jelly fish, strong currents, sudden drop-offs and similar potential hazards all need to be accurately conveyed to beachgoers to both protect them from harm and fulfill the beach owner’s duty to warn. At Clarion, we use our expertise in global standards and graphical symbol design to create the most innovative standards-based systems of beach safety signage in existence. Our system of beach safety signs uses state-of-the-art symbols, eye-catching color-coding and the latest ANSI Z535 and ISO design principles to communicate to viewers the nature of potential beach hazards and how to avoid them. The system’s signs are designed to be posted both at beach entrances and on the beach at periodic intervals. This practice increases the viewer’s opportunity to recognize hazards and, most importantly, reminds them of the potential danger at the site of activity. Clarion routinely customizes its beach safety sign system to meet the needs of clients’ river, lake and ocean beach environments.

High Surf dangerous shorebreak Shark Sighted Man-o-war Jelly Fish Strong Current
Fall Hazard Sharp Coral Waves Break on Ledge Sudden Drop off Thin Ice

Keeping Swimmers Safer

With hazards presented on beaches, there are many regional differences. Signs for ocean beaches are different from signs for the Great Lakes’ beaches. And safety signs for the Great Lakes’ beaches are different from signs meant to be posted at small lake and river beaches. Because of these variations, to be most effective, each beach safety sign system should be customized to meet the needs of each organization and each locale. Yet one aspect is the same; whether you are a hotel, park service, municipality, or private land owner, you all share the same concern addressed by beach safety signs – the need to protect people from tragedy on your beach. We would like to help protect the people on your beaches. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Case Study: Protecting Beachgoers

SignExampleLifeguards on beaches are busy rescuing people every day from dangers associated with large bodies of water. Why? Because many people don’t understand the potential hazards related to beach environments – everything from sharp coral to seriously strong undertow that can rip you from the shore. Injuries and deaths occur frequently enough that communicating safety is paramount for the country’s beaches, especially the oceans and Great Lakes. Clarion designed new safety signs for a large number of these hazards – signs meant to affect people’s behavior so they can better avoid harm. Clear and concise language was used in conjunction with eye-catching ISO-formatted graphical symbols to communicate the most essential messages. It should be noted that the symbol elements were made predominate because of the necessity to convey safety information to the wide variety of international, often non-English-reading, people who visit beaches.

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