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How Clarion Safety Helps OEMs Improve Business Efficiency, Save Costs AND Reduce Risk

One Stop for Your Safety, Branding and Identification Visuals 
Creating safe products, and effectively warning about hazards present, is a top concern for today’s OEMs. At the same time, operational and cost efficiency is imperative to keep up with today’s business climate. Instead of juggling multiple vendors, we can help streamline your supply chain with one easy stop for all of your equipment safety and custom printing needs – from safety and instructional messages to those related to identification, asset management and branding. We can also simplify ordering and inventory management with services like kitting and other innovative purchasing solutions.  

Your Starting Point: A Clarion Safety Assessment
A simple assessment of your labels or label program by our experts can unlock a range of optimization opportunities personalized to your business. The benefit is better safety communication, use of less labels, and simplified ordering/inventory management – all of which can result in tangible cost-savings as well as risk reduction. Whether you’re a product engineer or purchasing agent, assessments are quick, free of charge and can help you to:

  • Spend less money: consolidate label designs in order to buy less labels, leverage your safety and custom printing spend with one vendor for better pricing, and avoid potentially costly litigation due to 'failure to warn' claims (effective labels mean a better liability position in the event of an accident)
  • Improve business efficiency: benefit from less overall vendors to manage, less label inventory to manage due to consolidation opportunities, and purchasing solutions like sheet or kits of labels for easier ordering/installation

At the same time, you’ll also be implementing warnings and instructions best practices across your products or product lines. Learn more about the risk reduction benefits of our assessments and how we can help you update to ANSI/ISO best practices and avoid issues like an unnecessary ‘wallpaper’ of messages on your equipment.

Example of how many ineffective labels can be optimized to one best practice ANSI/ISO compliant label:


Learn more about the consolidation benefits of our personalized label assessments.


The ClarionAdvantage
No one knows the business of visual safety and communication like Clarion Safety Systems. We’re involved at the leadership level with the ANSI and ISO standards that are at the heart of safety best practices for equipment warnings and instructions. And, our products and services are all backed by the ClarionAdvantage:

  • 30 years of safety expertise
  • A commitment to standards compliance – and being your partner in safety
  • Competitive pricing and cost saving benefits
  • Short lead times and fast order turnarounds
  • The highest quality label and printing products for every need and application

Improve efficiency and save on costs through a free label assessment by one of our safety experts. Contact us to start the process today!

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